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CASFOD Attends Climate Change Boot Camp Organized By ActionAid In Abuja

Last week, our representative was at the climate change boot camp organised by Action Aid Nigeria. The programme trained young activists and youth organisations across the six geopolitical zones. The youths were trained on climate justice to help mitigate the effect of climate change on our various communities using different media.

The boot camp charged the youth’s passion for climate action, nurturing leadership, advocacy and green skills through presentations, nature exploration, debates, storytelling and more.

Young people are at the centre of climate action, many youths from different organisations across the country who are passionate about climate action applied to be part of the boot camp which aims to make important eco-impact.

In line with our commitment for climate action, our staff member was there and is expected to step down knowledge gained to other members in order to build staff and organisational capacity towards climate action programmes.

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